💎  Gemstone

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💎 Emoji Meaning

This emoji represents a diamond and is often used to symbolize wealth, luxury, or something special and valuable.

💎 Meaning and explanation


The 💎 emoji represents a cut diamond. It is often used to represent gems in general or jewelry, such as diamond rings.


The diamond emoji is often used to symbolize wealth, luxury, brilliance, beauty, and longevity. It can also represent elegance, sophistication, and extravagance. In certain contexts, it can represent something imperishable or unique, much like a diamond, which is known for its durability and rarity.


The diamond emoji 💎 was introduced as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and later included in Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Diamonds have been a symbol of wealth and luxury for centuries, especially in Western societies. Their reputation as an imperishable material makes them a popular symbol of permanence and longevity.

How to use

This emoji can be used in a variety of contexts. Here are a few examples:

"This necklace looks like a real diamond. 💎"
"You are a real diamond, rare and beautiful. 💎"
"I work hard for my success. 💎"


💍: The ring, this emoji is often used to represent engagements or marriages and is often associated with a diamond.
🤑: The money-grubbing face, this emoji is often used to represent wealth and prosperity, similar to a diamond.
💰: The money bag, this emoji is also used to represent wealth and prosperity, similar to a diamond.

Compared to these emoji, the diamond emoji 💎 is more specific in its meaning and is used more to symbolize wealth, luxury, beauty and durability.

💎 Other names

The emoji is also known by the following names.

  • 💎 Diamond
  • 💎 Gem
  • 💎 Jewel

Popular name:

💎 Diamond

💎 Emotional Classification

First, we take a look at the basic emotion, the core of the emoji's nature. Then we will look at the secondary emotions that the emoji can evoke in us.

Basic Emotions
  • Love
  • Joy
Secondary Emotions
  • proud
  • glad
  • satisfied

💎 Examples and how to use

In this section, we examine the emotional impact of emojis. We will use examples to show how emojis can evoke different emotions in the reader depending on the context.


Basic emotion example

Sometimes you have to take the pressure! 💎💪

Associated feelings
  • attentive
  • clear
  • optimistic

Basic emotion example

You are a real diamond - so rare and precious. 💎🌹

Associated feelings
  • clear
  • admiring
  • in love

Basic emotion example

You radiate so alive and happy today. 💎

Associated feelings
  • admiring
  • in love
  • optimistic
💎 General Information
Category Objects




Keywordsdiamond, gemstone
Unicode-Version Unicode 6.0
Emoji-Version Emoji 1.0