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🌻 Emoji Meaning

This emoji represents a sunflower and is often used to symbolize joy, optimism or summer.

🌻 Meaning and explanation


The emoji 🌻 is a bright yellow sunflower with a green stem.


This emoji is often used to symbolize warmth, joy, positivity, and nature. Sunflowers are known for their characteristic of always facing the sun, so this emoji can also be understood as a symbol of optimism and loyalty. It is also sometimes used to represent late summer or early fall, when sunflowers are in full bloom in many parts of the world.


The sunflower emoji is part of the emoji collection released in Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

The sunflower is one of the most eye-catching and recognizable flowers due to its size and bright color.

How to use

This emoji can be used in a variety of contexts. Here are a few examples:

To express happiness or positivity: "Have a sunny day! 🌻"
To symbolize nature or summer: "I can't wait to pick sunflowers this summer. 🌻"
To represent optimism or faithfulness: "No matter what, always towards the sun. 🌻"


Compared to other flower emoji, such as the 🌹 (rose) or 🌸 (cherry blossom), the 🌻 emoji has a more cheerful and positive connotation, which matches the sunflower's bright color and sun-following nature. Unlike the 🌷 (tulip) emoji, which often symbolizes spring, the 🌻 emoji is more associated with late summer or early fall.

🌻 Other names

The emoji is also known by the following names.

  • 🌻 Yellow Flower

Popular name:

🌻 Yellow Flower

🌻 Emotional Classification

First, we take a look at the basic emotion, the core of the emoji's nature. Then we will look at the secondary emotions that the emoji can evoke in us.

Basic Emotions
  • Joy
  • Love
Secondary Emotions
  • happy
  • glad
  • hopeful

🌻 Examples and how to use

In this section, we examine the emotional impact of emojis. We will use examples to show how emojis can evoke different emotions in the reader depending on the context.


Basic emotion example

Finally summer is here.🌻

Associated feelings
  • glad
  • enthusiastic
  • clear

Basic emotion example

Be like a sunflower, always turn to the light. 🌻

Associated feelings
  • glad
  • optimistic
  • trusting

Basic emotion example

A sunny day for a walk. 🌻🌤️

Associated feelings
  • glad
  • optimistic
  • clear
🌻 General Information
Category Animals & Nature




Keywordsflower, blossom, plant, sun, sunflower
Unicode-Version Unicode 6.0
Emoji-Version Emoji 1.0