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🙋 Emoji Meaning

This emoji can be used to represent raising a hand in a classroom to ask a question or give an answer. It can also be used to show enthusiasm or volunteerism.

🙋 Meaning and explanation


The 🙋 emoji shows a person with their hand raised. This gesture is often associated with reporting in a classroom or meeting context, but can also be interpreted as a sign of agreement or willingness.


This emoji is often used to indicate a willingness to participate in something, to answer a question, or to offer support. It can also be used to express approval or enthusiasm.


The hand up emoji is part of the emoji collection released in Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

The raised hand gesture is widely used and is often associated with reporting or approval.

How to use

This emoji can be used in a variety of contexts. Here are some examples:

To express willingness, "Who wants to come to the party? 🙋"
To express approval: "Who loves pizza. 🙋"
To offer support: "Does anyone need help? 🙋"


Compared to other emoji that express willingness or agreement, such as the 👍 (thumbs up) or 😊 (smiling face with smiling eyes), the 🙋 emoji has a more specific meaning and is often used in the context of reaching out or indicating a willingness to participate. It is also similar to the 🙌 emoji (hands up), but this is more of an expression of joy, enthusiasm, or appreciation, while the 🙋 emoji has more of a connotation of willingness, reporting, or agreement.

🙋 Other names

The emoji is also known by the following names.

  • 🙋 Answering Question
  • 🙋 Hand Up

Popular name:

🙋 Hand Up

🙋 Emotional Classification

First, we take a look at the basic emotion, the core of the emoji's nature. Then we will look at the secondary emotions that the emoji can evoke in us.

Basic Emotions
  • Love
  • Joy
Secondary Emotions
  • glad
  • attentive
  • expectant

🙋 Examples and how to use

In this section, we examine the emotional impact of emojis. We will use examples to show how emojis can evoke different emotions in the reader depending on the context.


Basic emotion example

I have a question! 🙋

Associated feelings
  • concerned
  • curious
  • attentive

Basic emotion example

I volunteer for this project. 🙋‍♀️💼

Associated feelings
  • clear
  • optimistic
  • attentive

Basic emotion example

We are ready for the party! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🎉

Associated feelings
  • enthusiastic
  • optimistic
  • glad
🙋 General Information
Unicode-NameHappy Person Raising One Hand
Apple-NamePerson Raising One Hand
Category People & Body



:raising_hand:, :person_raising_hand:

Keywordsperson with raised arm, victory pose
Unicode-Version Unicode 6.0
Emoji-Version Emoji 1.0