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โ™ฅ Emoji Meaning

This emoji represents the heart and is often used to express love, affection or strong positive emotions. It can also represent health or vitality.

โ™ฅ Meaning and explanation


The โ™ฅ emoji is a black representation of the classic heart symbol. It is a simple and clear representation of heart and love.


Similar to other heart emoticons, the black heart โ™ฅ represents love, affection and strong positive emotions. It can also be used as a strong expression of friendship or support. The black heart can also be used in a sarcastic or humorous context, similar to other black symbols or expressions in pop culture.


The black heart emoji โ™ฅ is part of the Unicode standard and was added to Unicode 1.1 in 1993.

It is a representation of the classic heart symbol that has been used for centuries to express love and affection.

How to use

This emoji can be used in a variety of contexts. Here are a few examples:

To express strong positive emotions, "I love that idea! โ™ฅ"
To show support or solidarity: "I've got your back! โ™ฅ"
In a sarcastic or humorous context: "I love getting up early..." .... not. โ™ฅ"


Compared to other heart emojis, such as the red heart emoji โค๏ธ, the black heart emoji โ™ฅ may come across as a bit more formal or neutral, as it does not have the bright colors or detailed appearance of some other heart emojis. It may also be perceived as a bit more dramatic or intense, similar to other black symbols or expressions. It's important to note that the meaning of emojis depends heavily on their context, and the black heart emoji can be used in many different contexts.

โ™ฅ Other names

The emoji is also known by the following names.

  • โ™ฅ Card With Heart
  • โ™ฅ Hearts

Popular name:

โ™ฅ Card With Heart

โ™ฅ Emotional Classification

First, we take a look at the basic emotion, the core of the emoji's nature. Then we will look at the secondary emotions that the emoji can evoke in us.

Basic Emotions
  • Love
  • Joy
Secondary Emotions
  • affectionate
  • satisfied
  • glad

โ™ฅ Examples and how to use

In this section, we examine the emotional impact of emojis. We will use examples to show how emojis can evoke different emotions in the reader depending on the context.


Basic emotion example

Want to play cards? โ™ฅ

Associated feelings
  • enthusiastic
  • glad
  • clear

Basic emotion example

My boyfriend sent me flowers. ๐ŸŒนโ™ฅ๏ธ

Associated feelings
  • glad
  • in love
  • surprised

Basic emotion example

I can not anymore, it hurts too much. โ™ฅ

Associated feelings
  • concerned
  • saddened
  • fearful
โ™ฅ General Information
Unicode-NameBlack Heart Suit
Apple-NameHearts Suit
Category Activities




Keywordsheart, card game
Unicode-Version Unicode 1.1
Emoji-Version Emoji 1.0